Fellowship: Where Things Get Real

Fellowship is a non-negotiable. Without it, the church, the ekklesia, and kingdom communities cannot be legitimate. At least, they are starkly incomplete. You might be saying, but our church is friendly! We have coffee and snacks after the service! And as nice as those things are, they are not fellowship.  The problem lies in translation. The … Read more

Every Member Involvement

It is clear in the New Testament that every member of the ekklesia (assembly or congregation) should participate in gatherings to edify and encourage one another as they assemble. In fact, this was normative. Believers expected to have the privilege and obligation to bless each other using the gifts the Holy Spirit had given them. It was not a cultural thing. It was a Spirit thing.

In Community, Together

Our L555 mission statement is, helping leaders tackle big systemic problems together in community.

Today, we dig into reasons why we ‘tack on’ in community. Is it because the idea of community makes us feel warm and cozy? Or are there other reasons? I’d like to offer five reasons why community is essential to our mission.

Why Systemic Change is So Important

When you are ill, most people would agree that the doctor should treat the root of the problem, not just the symptoms. Yet much of what we do in church and mission is treating symptoms. There’s an understandable reason why this is the case.