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Our customized training program designed to support Catalytic Leaders in achieving their God given dreams.

Faith & Values


L555 Founder and President, Mark Orr will often share the story of a 10-ton truck stuck in a pothole on a muddy road. Like many of the problems we attempt to address as leaders, one or two people try to push and shove the truck out of the hole for a long time, without so much as a wiggle. They soon give up and walk away, “let somebody else give it a go, I’ve done my part,” they say. Individuals and organizations run out of funding or time and walk away, leaving big systemic problems largely unsolved after many years. What does it take to get the truck out of the hole? What does it take to see breakthrough? It takes a leader that will find at least five other pushers to position themselves at different parts of the truck, motivate and re-energize the first two pushers to get back on the job—and then push, altogether, with sustained force, until the truck finally moves. It takes the kind of leader that will look at the big picture, affirm the value of each player, and inspire collaborative and sustained action.

L555 began in 2011 as a pilot project to provide leadership training to passionate young change-makers in Uganda. The model that encouraged servant-leadership, as opposed to the autocratic tendencies that often infiltrate even the Church was widely welcomed by both university students and experienced national leaders alike. In 2016, L555 transitioned from a promising pilot—that continues on to serve in Uganda—to a global movement that supports emerging catalytic leaders, primarily through our LeadingNext incubator. 


We value diversity. Our leaders come from a diverse selection of occupational backgrounds, countries, and ages. We all are committed to following Jesus and mirroring His light in the world. 

Mark Orr

Founder & President
Mark was raised as a missionary kid in Brazil. He has committed his life to helping emerging leaders be more effective, and ultimately the Church more able to carry out her Mission in the world. He has previously served in global refugee mission work. Mark and his family are Canadians, but have lived in the UK, Greece, and Uganda over the last 10 years.

Anna Elkins

Creative Director
Anna is originally from North Carolina and is excited to soon be joining the team in Athens. She has worked in the church ministry over the past fives year as a graphic designer and videographer and is looking forward to utilizing these skills with the L555 team.

Tyler Kenopic

Executive Director of Strategic Operations
In January 2021, Tyler joined the L555 team as an Executive Director of Strategic Operations for the time being. Tyler has a diverse background that has seen him teacher and tutor in numerous countries around the world. He also has experience with project management and sales experience.

David Stoesz

Chief of Staff & Director of Pastoral Care
Dave is a Canadian with an extensive background of serving in addiction recovery, Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Direction for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Dave has also previously served with the Canadian Bible Society. Dave both manages staff, as well as provides pastoral care, accountability, attention to prayer, and a listening ear to the team, volunteers and leaders world-wide.

Winnie Namayanja

Winnie Namayanja is one of our advisors, having been part of the launch of the L555 pilot project in Uganda, in 2011. Winnie loves to see passionate, God-honouring front-liners connected to the wealth of resources of the global Church, particularly in the form of supportive relationships and skill sets. Winnie is excited to see Assembli grow to full capacity.
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