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LeadingNEXT identifies leaders with catalytic potential, usually from younger generations. That is, leaders with the passion to mobilize and develop others around a cause, but without the need to take center-stage. LeadingNEXT then takes these leaders through a process of exploring 5 mind-shifts that we feel are critical to being an effective change agent in today’s world.

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LeadingNext currently offers three options for you to consider:

Join a cohort for a full intensive program lasting 2 to 3 years. You continue your current leadership role but commit to a training program that involves meeting for a week at least 3 to 5 times. Participants are accepted by referral and careful vetting. You may consider joining a group if you have a referral. You may also host or sponsor a group from within your network, nation, or organization.

Contact info@lead555.com for more details.

Join or host a neighborhood peer-level support group, designed for young leaders seeking to build momentum toward change in their communities.

Contact info@lead555.com for more details.

Work through an online micro version of the LeadingNEXT program. This is a teaser in the form of 5 videos of 5 minutes, with an exercise following each.

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