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LeadingNEXT identifies leaders with catalytic potential and takes these leaders through a process of exploring mind shifts that we feel are critical to being an effective change agent in today’s world. Explore our four course options below. 

KC Leaders Lab

Let's be the church.


KC Leaders Lab is designed to walk the average person through some of the “Big Rocks” of being the church. As we begin to question what we know about the church and turn back to scripture, a new understanding of the church will emerge. Our goal is to start you on the journey. We will provide you with the framework and support needed to help you start or lead a Kingdom Community. The closest thing we can think of is a small group or a house church, but many times these structures don’t catch the essence of what the church is. This is about deep, real, sacrificial community, about everyone participating in the body of Christ and about living as a transformed community in our world. This is radical because we believe the church should be radical.

We will be piloting this training soon. If you are interested in learning more, please send us a note!

Global Catalyst

breaking through barriers.


Global Catalyst is our longest standing training program. We walk high-level network leaders through paradigm shifts that can transform the way that they lead. Getting to the root of issues, thinking strategically, and working sustainably are just a few of the topics that we will tackle in this cohort. We want to work with leaders who are passionate about breakthrough on a global scale.

To inquire about this training, send us a message!

Community Catalyst

Solving Local Problems.


Community Catalyst is for people who are drawn to a particular challenge in their area or region. This could be a Pastor seeking to share the good news in their city, a nurse with a passion to provide care for the poor in the region, or a business person with a passion to help single moms balance work and life (or anything in between). Our training will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to work together and bring people together around a common cause. We will bring you through paradigm shifts that will help change the way that you think. This will help you to build your team and create an impact. 

To inquire about this training, send us a message!

Emerging Catalyst

Discovering your leadership.

on purpose.

Emerging Catalyst is our training program for young leaders. If you are under 35 and looking to grow in leadership, this is the place for you. As we walk through mind shifts and learn about how God created you, our goal is to help you learn where you can uniquely make a positive impact on the world around you. God created you with gifts and skills that can transform your world. Let’s discover them together.

We are working on this training in 2024. If you are interested in learning more, send us a message!

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