After 40+ years in the trenches sharing God’s glory with the nations, I believe that empowering tomorrow’s leaders is a top priority! LeadingNext is the most relevant training initiative for next-generation leaders that I’ve seen to date, and I enthusiastically trust it and endorse it! Without a doubt, investing in and partnering with L555 is a premium option for those focused on adding global value to God’s eternal cause, moving forward!

Paul Johnson, Founder of Alteco


LeadingNext is a 3-year catalyst incubator—it’s not just about training, but journeying with leaders from idea to sustainable impact. We select candidates for LeadingNext based on our 7 core values, and on:

  1. The Scope of their idea—the depth, width and reach of what the leader is proposing.
  2. The Nature of their leadership—catalytic, connected to community and teachable.
  3. The Momentum of their idea and leadership—inspiring others by creating purpose and opportunities for them to join.

Once selected for LeadingNext, you become part of a global or regional cohort of 10 other leaders who benefit from: 

  • 4-5 regional or global training and relationship-focused gatherings, with experienced trainers and guest speakers.
  • One on one pastoral care sessions.
  • Virtual training sessions.
  • Performance coaching sessions.
  • Unlimited access to launch and receive support for projects on the Assembli platform.

Apply Today

Are you a catalytic leader? We accept applications on a rolling basis, apply today! All candidates will be notified of their status within 4 weeks of submitting their application. Successful applicants will be invited to complete an in-person, or virtual interview. Admission to a cohort often takes 1 to 6 months upon final approval.

Become a Catalytic Leader
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