Equipping Leaders to Change the World

L555 surrounds catalytic leaders with the resources they need to create sustainable impact at a systemic level, beyond the surface of needs.


Servant leaders, championing breakthroughs.


Tackling problems beneath the surface, with a view of long-term impact.


Diverse resources harnessed through relationships, not just transactions.

Meet a few of our catalytic leaders who are changing the world by tackling root-level problems with a view of long-term impact.


We are inspired by leaders who posses the character a servant, demonstrate real commitment to meet a need in response to a call from God, and facilitate collaboration around bold breakthrough ideas. These kinds of leaders have a prophetic quality to them—the imagination and wisdom to design projects that tackle root-level problems with a view of long-term impact. We call them catalytic leaders. They are working all around the world, on breakthrough projects, at local, regional and global levels. 

Catalytic Leaders often go unnoticed because they’re not confined to work within the boundaries of mainstream organizations, but at L555, we are on the lookout for them. 

We are committed to rallying resources, including training, prayer, funding and logistical solutions around Catalytic Leaders in our 3-year incubator, LeadingNext.


We work with Catalytic Leaders to discover the underlying context that shapes the problems that they observe. We challenge these leaders to go beyond band-aid solutions and tackle patterns, structures and ways of thinking that underlie these issues. We ask, “what is the invisible problem behind the visible problem?” Catalytic leaders should also be willing to examine the different inter-connected systems that produce the problem, and start to build collaboration around a solution. This is Systemic thinking. 

We are committed to helping leaders go beyond the surface of needs.


 We provide a platform that connects catalytic leaders to the many and diverse resources within the global Church that are needed to support breakthrough initiatives. Our Assembli platform activates the latent resources in the Church, bringing much needed skills (like tech, innovation, accounting and admin) from the sidelines to the front-line of mission. 

Assembli also enables relationships; as we connect globally, true bonds of empathy and mutual respect are formed that drive Sustainable action. 

We are committed to helping leaders go beyond the surface of needs.


Connect with the movement. Share ideas, suggestions or volunteer. Ask about a staff opportunity. You join in at the very heart of it!

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