Assembli’s mission is to build connections across the global movement of Jesus’ followers that will enable, launch and support bold breakthrough projects. We believe that each person is essential to what God is building, and we will see greater success once we assemble our unique resources together. 

The Gist

Calling the 99%

The old paradigm of having a select group of helpers go out into the world to help others, while the rest of us sit at home, is gone. There isn’t a Christian alive that is exempt from the command to make disciples, or indeed unequipped to do so. 

In 2019, Lausanne Movement CEO, Michael Oh issued a widely shared apology to the Christian 99% from the 1% in Christianity Today. The basis was a better understanding of Ephesians 4:11–13, which teaches that what we consider professional ministry workers— the 1%—have been given by God to equip the 99% non-professional saints for Kingdom exploits. Assembli is issuing a call to action to the 99%—techie, nurse, construction worker, academic, home-schooling mom, doctor, Uber driver—that means you! You have a skill or resource that you’ve acquired or developed through interest, training, vocation or experience. 

Assembli will get this resource from the sidelines to the frontline. 

Catalytic leaders have a prophetic quality to them. They are able to anticipate and design projects that tackle deep-rooted structures, cultures and ways of thinking. They inspire Members by their character of a servant, commitment to respond to an issue as a direct call from God and ability to lead others to work together on a big, breakthrough idea. All Projects on Assembli are launched by vetted catalytic leaders to ensure quality control. 

Just like the technology of Assembli, catalytic leaders are disruptors of outdated and dysfunctional practices in mission that limit broad collaboration and sustainable impact. 

A Group is a space where Members can connect around shared skills, interests, ideas or demographics— with the ability to chat, discuss, share information, and the option to volunteer (Assemble) around a project of interest together. 

Every Member on Assembli will join at least 1 of 6 general groups upon sign up. These larger groups are known as Affinity Groups. They are: 

  1. Prayer: Are you already in the habit of active intentional prayer for the work of God in the world? Are you passionate about mobilizing prayer or Biblical resources to support leaders, breakthrough projects and the Assembli community
  2. Equipping: Are you passionate about training, coaching or mentoring a community of highly motivated change-makers? Are you constantly developing your personal effectiveness through reading or training and would like to share your knowledge?
  3. InnovationAre you a creative problem solver? Are you imaginative, artistic, technically or otherwise creatively skilled, and have just always had a knack for out-of-the-box ideas? 
  4. Story: Are you a passionate storyteller, who uses different mediums like writing/print, photography, video or social media to share inspiring ideas? Perhaps you can champion a cause through public speaking or cross-cultural communication?
  5. LogisticsAre you inspired by the modes and means of organizing large or complex local and global projects for Gospel ends? Are you, or your business equipped to manage transportation, communication networks or accounting and Finance? 
  6. FundingAre you an intentional and faithful manager of financial resources from God? Are you passionate about finding and giving to projects that address root problems, not just symptoms? Perhaps you’re able to mobilize others in your community to give? 

The second level of groups can be launched by any verified member, and encourage leadership and community building to thrive, organically, within Assembli. Imagine these groups as clubs, neighbourhoods, cells, professional associations, and others. Groups have powerful communications and gathering ability. 

The energy of global connections developed between members and catalytic leaders will be channelled into projects. Assembli facilitates proximity rather than distance; we can bring resources much closer to real needs, and as we connect globally—we form true bonds of empathy that drive action. 

Real, quantifiable, specific, time-bound, yet breakthrough action—that’s what makes a project. 

All projects on Assembli with have a minimum life span of four weeks and maximum of three years.

Kingdom Labs or K-Labs are spaces where the building blocks for movements can start to come together. Like the different interlocking blocks of Lego, K-Labs bring together different members, leaders and projects—unique in their skills and approach—but single-minded in their vision for change. 

In order to collaborate on big, systemic issues like the global refugee crisis or pandemics like covid-19, K-Labs offer decentralized, inclusive and unifying spaces to organize and operate. 

The niche is the infrastructure that facilitates collaboration across traditional organizational and denominational silos— many changemakers start to see new possibilities of working together long term—that’s K-Labbing in action. 

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