What is givingintel?

The Christian community worldwide, on every continent, is rich is all types of resources.  Yet there is persistent lack of resources for emerging leaders seeking to serve God and address needs. So what’s going on? GivingIntel seeks to helps us answer that question, and create a revolution in what we give, how we give, how much we give, and how we measure the impact. We will deal with the concept of excess capacity, supply chain management, accountability and transparency, as well as enabling closer connection of donor to project leaders. GivingIntel considers not only money, but also talents and skill, knowledge, relationships, and materials/logistics as part of the initiative. 

GivingIntel will harness the power of Assembli to connect a new generation of resources to a new generation of ideas and the leaders behind them.  This is a work in progress. In the mean-time, there are three ways you can consider helping:

  • Help L555 develop GivingIntel with a financial gift. Donate here!
  • Join the Assembli movement! There you will be guided through a process of identifying the types of resources you may have and how to effectively deploy them.